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Wild Beijing

New Rock Bands From
Reflections of a Chinese Traveling Photographer
Sometimes, life can be challenging, and we find ourselves in situations where we feel out of place. We may not have the right clothes, the right looks, or the right attitude, and it can …

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China birding spots

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AlpineBirding – China Birding Tours
China birding spots

Discover the realm of pheasants and the hub of exclusive species in China, where you can anticipate encountering a captivating array of avifauna, featuring 14 distinct species from the pheasant family.…

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Shanghai birding

Greenshank, Eurasian Spoonbill, Black
AlpineBirding: Professional Birding Services in China
birding in China photos
Shanghai birding

As a birdwatcher and a lover of unique international destinations, I was thrilled to discover that Shanghai offers the best of both worlds. While many tourists come to …

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Birding for Life

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Birding for Life

Oh, the memories come flooding back when I think about my very first trip to Austin, Texas! It was an exhilarating adventure filled with twists and turns, and it all began with a dash through O’Hare Airport …

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Birds of merapoh

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Birdwatching Paradise: Exploring Merapoh’s Avian Wonders
Photos of birds in Merapoh, Malaysia, birdwatching in Taman Negara, rhinoceros hornbill, Malaysian blue flycatcher, collared kingfisher, night birds in Merapoh, brown hawk owl, oriental bay owl, frogmouth, nightjars, night herons.
Birds of merapoh…

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Red-Crowned Crane

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Red-Crowned Crane

The Red-crowned crane, also known as Grus japonensis, is an elegant crane native to East Asia. It is considered one of the most scarce crane species globally. Within certain regions of its habitat, this bird carries symbolic significance …

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Djoudj National Bird Sanctuary

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Exploring Djoudj National Park: A Haven for Migratory Birds
Djoudj National Park Senegal birds wetland photos
Djoudj National Bird Sanctuary

I can hardly contain my excitement as I set out to explore the Djoudj Sanctuary, located in the heart of …