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Portland Metro Area Birding Hotspots

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Portland Metro Area Birding Hotspots

The Portland metropolitan region is a haven for nature lovers, especially those with an interest in birding. The area offers an abundance of wildlife refuges and natural areas, providing a diverse range of habitats for …

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Upcoming Birding and Wildlife Tours
Bird photos for various birdwatching tours including Yucatan specialties, Shanghai to Beijing birding tour, Gobi Desert to Altai Mountains birding tour, Albertine Rift birding tour, island hopping birding tour in the Pacific, Amazonas birding tour, …

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At the China-Chaired COP-15 Meeting in Montreal, World Moves to Address the Biodiversity Crisis

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“Preserving Life’s Symphony: A Visual Journey through Biodiversity and Conservation”
Traveling photographer birds biodiversity loss climate change World Wildlife Fund Living Planet Report species extinction rates Cretaceous-Palogene mass extinction conservation biological diversity Aichi Biodiversity Targets natural habitats developing countries environmental …

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Sheshan, a Hiking Through the Scenic Hill in Shanghai

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Unveiling the Beauty of Sheshan: A Shanghai Adventure
Photos of Sheshan Forest Park and its attractions, such as the Sheshan Basilica, bamboo forest walkway, hiking trails, Sheshan Observatory and Astronomy Museum, Grand View Garden, Dianshan Lake, and scenic views.
Sheshan, …

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10 Top Birding Destinations in the United States

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10 Top Birding Destinations in the United States

As a passionate bird photographer, I highly recommend visiting these locations whether you’re an experienced birder or just starting out. They are absolute must-sees for anyone interested in the avian world.

  • California