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China bird watching

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China bird watching

Protecting biodiversity is one of the most critical challenges facing our planet today. With habitats being destroyed at an alarming rate and species disappearing from our ecosystems, it’s essential that we take action to ensure the survival …

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Winter Birding in Beijing, China

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Winter Birding Wonders: Donglingshan and Shidu in Beijing
Winter birding in Beijing
Donglingshan bird species
Shidu gorge birding
Black Storks in Shidu
Wallcreepers near bridge 6 in Shidu
Long-billed Plover Shidu
Brown Dipper bird Shidu
Crested Kingfisher winter Beijing
Plumbeous …

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Birds in Hong Kong

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Birds in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is home to an impressive diversity of bird species, boasting approximately 550 different species. Remarkably, this accounts for one-third of the total bird species found in all of China. The abundance of birdlife in …