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Red-Crowned Crane: Is This An Endangered Species?

yellow feathers and pinkish legs
This article discusses the endangered red-crowned crane species and the efforts to protect its habitat by various organizations around the world.
red-crowned crane habitat photos
Red-Crowned Crane: Is This An Endangered Species?

As I venture through various locations on my …

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Tibet Birding Tours

Explore the architectural marvels of
Birding Adventures: Discovering the Avian Wonders of Tibet
Birds of Tibet in Spring and Winter
Tibet birdwatching photography
Lhasa bird species photos
Tibetan Plateau birding images
Birds’ island Pangong Tso pictures
Tibet travel photography
Lhasa River birdwatching photos
Tibetan Eared …

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The world’s 9 best birding destinations

available to help you
The world’s 9 best birding destinations

As a bird enthusiast and photographer, I have to say that Costa Rica is one of the most amazing destinations for birdwatching. This small Central American country is known worldwide for its stunning variety …

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Wild Beijing

New Rock Bands From
Reflections of a Chinese Traveling Photographer
Sometimes, life can be challenging, and we find ourselves in situations where we feel out of place. We may not have the right clothes, the right looks, or the right attitude, and it can …

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China birding spots

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AlpineBirding – China Birding Tours
China birding spots

Discover the realm of pheasants and the hub of exclusive species in China, where you can anticipate encountering a captivating array of avifauna, featuring 14 distinct species from the pheasant family.…

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Shanghai birding

Greenshank, Eurasian Spoonbill, Black
AlpineBirding: Professional Birding Services in China
birding in China photos
Shanghai birding

As a birdwatcher and a lover of unique international destinations, I was thrilled to discover that Shanghai offers the best of both worlds. While many tourists come to …