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Winter Birding in Beijing, China

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Winter Birding Wonders: Donglingshan and Shidu in Beijing
Winter birding in Beijing
Donglingshan bird species
Shidu gorge birding
Black Storks in Shidu
Wallcreepers near bridge 6 in Shidu
Long-billed Plover Shidu
Brown Dipper bird Shidu
Crested Kingfisher winter Beijing
Plumbeous …

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Birds in Hong Kong

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Birds in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is home to an impressive diversity of bird species, boasting approximately 550 different species. Remarkably, this accounts for one-third of the total bird species found in all of China. The abundance of birdlife in …

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Bird symbolism in Chinese art 鸟 niǎo

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Chinese festivals, symbolism of birds, traditional opera, Feng Shui, Chinasage resource, and copyright information – a diverse exploration of Chinese culture.
Chinese festivals
Traditional Chinese Opera
Feng Shui
Birds in Chinese Symbolism
Chinese Painted Quail

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Beijing Intro

bustling streets of the
Beijing Intro

As I wandered the bustling streets of Beijing, I couldn’t help but feel in awe of the city’s rich and fascinating history. It’s incredible to think that this sprawling metropolis has been the capital of China for centuries, …

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Six Common Birds You’ll See (and Hear) in Beijing

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Birding Delights: Discovering China’s Avian Wonders
Photos of Light-vented Bulbul singing
Photos of Carrion Crow and Large Billed Crow in Beijing
Photos of Magpies in Beijing
Photos of Hoopoes in parks and wooded areas
Photos of Hoopoes feeding on insects…

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Red-crowned Crane: The National Bird of China

The red-crowned crane
Some individuals take pleasure in hunting birds, but do you participate in bird hunting? Personally, I have never tried to harm a bird and I do not condone the act of hunting birds. In Japan during the early 20th century, …

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10 Chinese Symbols For A Happy Home

Today marks the start of
Chinese Symbols and Their Meanings.
Chinese symbols and their meanings photos
10 Chinese Symbols For A Happy Home

The start of the Gregorian new year is always an exciting time for me. It’s a chance to start fresh, make resolutions, …

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Birding tours in China

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Birding tours in China

In my webinar, I received criticism for my statement, which may have been justified. However, I am not implying that I am the only one doing things correctly while others are wrong. My point is that …