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Birding Tours to Poyang Hu Lake and Wuyuan in Winter

Birding Tours to Poyang Hu Lake and Wuyuan in Winter

Duration:7 days
Birds possibleabout 100
Best season:from Nov to March
Day 1: Arrive in Beijing. Night in Beijing
Day 2: Catch an early morning flight to Nanchang, the capital of Jiangxi and will then drive towards Wuyuan, a picturesque small town in the northeast of Jiangxi province, known as the most beautiful countryside in China. Night in Wuyuan.
Day 3: In the morning, You are driving to Mandarin Duck lake directly, Where you will find 1000 more pairs of Mandarin Ducks around the lake, and on the way to the lake, you will see some rare species such as Yellow-bellied Tragopan ,White-necked Long-Tailed Pheasant, and Yellow-Throated Laughing Thrush some where if you are lucky enough, In the afternoon , Drive to Jingdezhen, the porcelain capital of China, where you will have a stop to see those beautiful porcelains and the traditional way of porcelain making in the ancient kiln scenic area, then you will have a free travel in the ceramic market(the biggest ceramic market in China),Night in Jingdezhen.
Day 4: Continuing your journey to Poyang Hu �C you will drive directly to the Poyang Hu National Wetland Park(East side of Poyang Hu), and take a boat there to see the migratory birds around the outside lake, You will see thouands of wild geese, swans, gulls and cranes, If you prefer a picnic luch there, then you can spend all day long to look for the birds you want to see. Night in Jiujiang (2.5 H from the birding place)
Day 5: It takes 2.5H to Wucheng, a small town in the west side of Poyang Hu, where the National Nature Reserve is, Siberian Crane is undoubtedly the reserve's star attraction, over 95% of the world population (only 4000 birds) of these splendid creatures winter here, as do even larger numbers of the equally majestic White-naped Crane. You will spend all day long here, Night at Wucheng(Guesthouse).
Day 6: If you missed bird watching yesterday due to the bad weather, Today is your lucky day, the local bird watching expert will show you where the cranes used to stay, Thousands of Tundra Swans, "Tundra" Bean, Greater White-fronted, Flocks of bugling cranes and Swan Geese and hundreds of Oriental Storks that you're sure to see. The guide will take the picnic luch for you, and you will spand all day long here in the National Nature Reserve, Night at Wucheng(Guesthouse).
Day 7: After a final morning at Wucheng, you'll return to Nanchang airport and fly back to Beijing.