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Sichuan and Shanxi for birds and pandas tour

Sichuan and Shanxi for birds and pandas tour

Duration:18 days
Birds possible250-300
Best season:from April to June
Day 1
your arrival in Chengdu, meet you at airport transfer to hotel in Chengdu

Day 2 
Panda breeding centre in the morning, drive to Wawushan in the afternoon, overnight in Wawu.
Day 3
Early birdwatching at the lower area of Wawu, after lunch, take the cable car up to a higher elavation. and overnight there.
Day 4
Early birdwatching at the higher area of Wawu.  walking down to lower place. overnight.
Day 5
After morning birding all the way down hill. drive to Ya'an acient town for a relaxing afternoon. overnight in the acient town.
Day 6
A driving day(about 300km) from Ya'an to Danba(a Tibetan town) .   on the way you will see great mountains and valleys, the Qiang minority watching towers, Danba is a Tibetan village on the hills in the valley, we will have a home stay in the colorful tibet house.
Day 7
Drive to Rilong, where you can see the mt.Four ladies(Siguniangshan in Chinese), and it's also near the world famous Wolong birding area in Balangshan.
Day 8
Whole day birding on Balangshan in Wolong area (world phesants center!). overnight in Rilong.
Day 9
Drive from Rilong to Maerkang, birdwatching in the Mt.Mengbishan(3000-4470M) on the way.
Day 10
Drive into the grassland in Tibetan grassland, birdwatching on the grassland, and see the Tibetan cuilture.
Day 11
Hongyuan---Waqie---Tangke---Ruoergai---Flora Lake, This area is on the edge of Tibetan plateau, including grass land swamp and hills, so there are a lot of big birds
Day 12
From Ruoergai pass by Chuanzhusi to Jiuzhaigou, overnight in Jiuzhaigou
Day 13
Early in the morning visit Jiuzhaigou National Park(if you like, we can put 2days in Jiuzhaigou)
Day 14
A long driving day from Jiuzhaigou to Yangxian.
Day 15
Birding in Yangxian Reserve, where you could see the beautiful creature Crested ibis in the wild, and their nest, and their living habit. Half day birdwatching in this reserve. dirve to Foping after lunch.
Day 16
Full day birdwatching in Foping Natural Reserve, where you can find lots of birds, snub-nosed monkey, takin, and even find wild panda if you are lucky enough!  overnight in Foping.
Day 17
Drive from Foping to Xi'an,  city tour to the Muslim Quater, Drum tower, Bell tower, Old city wall. etc.
Day 18
A half day tour to Terra-cotta Warriors.  departure in the evening.
Pace & Walking: Leisure pace, involve some long hikes over steep and densely forested terrain. From easy to moderate. Mostly about 3000M, but we need contend with the altitude effect of up to 4500m.
Climate: Variable. At lower altitudes it is generally warm or hot (and often rather humid), while at higher altitudes temperatures range from cool to decidedly cold. At this season sunny periods alternate with rainy, overcast weather (and it may even snow at high altitudes).
Meals: The Meals in China is always one of the most memorable parts of any tour. We will offer you the very local yummy all the trip!
The accommodation used will be always the available top grade hotels or hostels which close to birds.
Other attractions: Pandas, Jiuzhaigou National Park, Mt.Siguniang,