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China is a vast and diverse land, for naturalists, it has been China's wealth of endemic birds and mammals, epitomized by the Giant Panda and the rare pheasants. There are over 1400 species of birds! It contains 62 species of pheasants, more than half of the world's laughing-thrushes, and 9 of the world's 14 species of cranes migrate through, or live in. And new species keep being discovered!
There are too many reasons for you to have your own China Birding Tour!
Birdwatching tours in Sichuan
Sichuan lies at the eastern edge of the Tibetan Plateau and this superb province has the richest concentration of Chinese specialities, holding around two-thirds of the country's endemic birds! Not only does Sichuan offer the best opportunities for seeing China's prime specialities, but due to the great diversity of its habitats, ranging from the subtropical lowlands of the Red Basin and rich evergreen foothill forests to cool temperate zone forests, alpine meadows and dramatic snow-capped mountain peaks, the province has a remarkable wealth of birds in general. Even then there is more to Sichuan, for beyond these rocky ramparts lie the vast grasslands of the eastern edge of the Tibetan Plateau. A total of about 1,300 bird species have been recorded in China, and over 600 of theses have been recorded in Sichuan. There is also a high number of bird species at least 60 unique to China, 25 of theses species are more or less confined to Sichuan. It is theses rare birds, particularly the gorgeous pheasants, as well as many more widespread species, which the World's birdwatchers are literally queuing up to look for. Without a doubt Sichuan is the very best of China. Many of the World's more beautiful flowers can also be seen in Suchuan, especially rhododendrons, Viburnums, roses, primulas, anemones, gentians, arisamas and orchids. The forests, which include subtropical lowland, broadleaf evergreen and temperate zones, are contained of an extraordinary Varity of tree species. Flower-filled alpine meadows below snow-capped peaks complete what is a botanist's dream.
Birdwatching tours in Yunnan
With terrain ranging from tropical rainforest to snow-capped peaks and peoples from Thai to Tibetan, Yunnan is the most varied of China's provinces and is one of the most alluring destinations in the entire country. It is also the sixth-largest province and home to a third of China's ethnic minorities (nearly 50%). There are 55 minorities in China, 25 of them live in Yunnan and the province also boasts half of China's plant and animal species. Yunnan is also well known for its year-round mild climate and the word Yunnan actually means South of the Clouds. There are numerous excellent areas for bird watching in Yunnan.
Birdwatching tours in Tibet
Over 488 species of bird have been reported in Tibet and about 18 nature reserve have been established. Five of these are National Nature Reserves in which rare and precious animals are protected. The five NNR are: Qiangtang Nature Reserve for Wild Tibetan Yaks and Black necked Cranes, Tibetan Ass and Tibetan Gazelles; Markam Nature Reserve for Yunnan Snub-nosed Monkeys; Shenzha Nature Reserve for Black necked Cranes; Nyingchi-Dongjug Nature Reserve for Tibetan Antelopes; Riwoge-Chamoling Nature Reserve for Red Deer. Key ornithological attractions in Tibet include Tibetan Eared-pheasant, Derbyan Parakeet, Black necked Crane, Tibetan Blackbird, Brown-cheeked Laughingthrush and Giant Babax.
Birdwatching tours in Qinghai
Located on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, Qinghai Province, with an area of 720,000 kilometres² is 1100 kilometers from east to west and 800 kilometers from north to south. It's the fourth largest province in China and borders northeastern Tibet. The Plateau, with an average elevation of 3000 meters, is frequently referred to as The Roof of the World and is the sources of three of China's major rivers, the Yangtze River, Yellow River and Mekong River can also be found in Qinghai. Snow capped mountains, ice peaks, deserts, vast pastures and myriad lakes weave Qinghai its unique, fascinating and colorful natural landscapes. Qinghai Lake is the largest inland saline lake in the country and is an excellent place for bird watching. It's a popular bird tour destination and we've organized numerous trips here since our company's conception. Qinghai is populated by a mixture of different ethnic groups including Tibetan, Tu, Mongols, Salar and Hui while Han comprise the majority of the population in Xining the capital of Qinghai.
Birding tours in Eastern China
In winter, birds such as cranes, ardea and egretta, duck and goose, ciconia etc wintering in wetlands such as Poyang Lake (Jiangxi), Dongtinghu Lake (Hunan), Yancheng (Jiangsu), Rongcheng (Shandong), Chongming Island (Shanghai), In spring and autumn, swimming birds (natatorial bird) and wading birds occurring in Guanting Reservoir and Miyun Reservoir (Beijing), Beidaihe (Hebei), Yancheng (Jiangsu), Banjing (Liaoning), Yellow River Delta (Shandong); Wood birds will breeding in the period from spring to summer.
China Wildlife tours
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