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guide books of China Birds

 It has some useful books for birds, mammal books and general travel guides etc in China. All are in English unless otherwise stated.
    These include -
    A Field Guide to the Birds of China: John MacKinnon and Karen Phillipps. 2000. Oxford University Press. (ISBN 7-5355-3224-1). This ISBN number is for the Chinese language version, it has the same plates as the English version.
    Birds of Beijing: Cai Qikan. 1987. Beijing Publishing House. (ISBN 7-200-00492-8)
    Atlas of the Beijing Birds: Zhao Xinru. 1999. China Forestry Publishing House. (ISBN 7-5038-2257-0).
    Photos of Beijing Wild Birds: Nature Friends and Gao Wu. 1999. Beijing Publishing House. (ISBN 7-200-03799-0).
    The Mammalian of China. Li Wei, Chen Li. 1998. China Forestry Publishing House. (ISBN 7-5038-2072-1).
    China Yunnan Wild Birds: By Ji Weizhi, Yang Lan, Yang Xiaojun et al. 2004. (ISBN 7-5038-3861-2). China Forestry Publishing House.
    China Yunnan Wild Animal. Ji Weizhi, Zhu Jianguo and Yang Datong. 1999 . China Forestry Publishing House. (ISBN 7-5038-2253-8)
    The Animals on the Changbaishan Massif of China. Gao Wei, Sheng Lianxi. 2002. Yanbian People's Publishing House and Beijing Science and Technology Press. (ISBN 7-80648-913-4).
    The Sights of Beijing. Zhu Qixin. China Travel and Tourism Press. (ISBN 7-5032-2005-8) A general travel guide to the nation's capital.
    China: Lonely Planet. (8th edition-August 2002). Damian Harper, Marie Cambon, Bradley Mayhew, Katja Gaskell, Korina Miller, Thomas Huhti and Mielikki Org. Lonely Planet Publications Ltd., Melbourne Australia. (ISBN 1-74059-117-8).
    South-West China: Lonely Planet. (2nd Edition-January 2002) Bradley Mayhew, Korina Miller and Alex English. Lonely Planet Publications, Victoria, Australia (ISBN 1-86450 370 X) Pty Ltd. (First published: November, 1998)