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Changqing Natural Reserve

Escape the city, and visit the wilds of Central China, in a place almost untouched by the outside world!
Changqing Nature Reserve is located in the Qinling Mountains, Shaanxi Province, 300 km south of Xi 'An. The reserve, which reaches elevations of over 3000m, is one of the most important ecological areas in China. It provides one of the best and last remaining places where Giant Pandas, Golden Takin, Golden Monkeys and Crested Ibis can be found in the wild. It is also home to 39 other threatened animals and 31 threatened plants.
Not only does the area offer stunning mountain landscapes and the chance to view wildlife, it also contains a number of cultural sites, including the Han Dynasty Tangluo Trail, remains of ancient temples, shrines and roads.
Visiting the reserve also gives you an opportunity to experience life in an authentic Chinese village, where people still live a traditional lifestyle and practice traditional agricultural methods.
We offer small group tours to see the Reserve and all it has to offer. All profits from our tours go to the Bureau of Changqing Nature Reserve, to assist with wildlife conservation and reserve management.
 Changqing Reserve only takes very small numbers of people at one time. The Reserve is one place in China where you won't run into thousands of other tourists!