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China Birding Tour is the leading birding tour operator offering the best value China Bird Watching Tour!

Our head office is located in Chengdu, We have been work here as a local tour operator for the major international birding tour companies as well as hundreds of individual birders since 2005



Positive Impact - responsible travel
Minimize our tour impact to the wildlife and the local people. Spend money on local society in a proper way to help people and wildlife.
Experience - old hands.
China Birding Tour is made up of a small group of people with countless years working in every corner of China. We recruit people who have "been there, done that" with the larger companies and want the chance to take their customers to out of the way places that they love. And tour guides are also our tour operators, who know the latest news of the tour destination, so that we could make your trip more enjoyable and run smoothly.
Our Prices - quality, unbeatable value for money

An important rule of the China Birding Tour philosophy is to charge reasonable prices for quality trips. As a web based company we don't have the huge overhead costs. We charge reasonable prices but provide unbeatable value for money.

Our clients:






 Our guide:


Kevin Zhong


Mr. Steve An (An KaiXiang)


Mr. Hou TiGuo


David Wong