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With terrain ranging from tropical rainforest to snow-capped peaks and peoples from Thai to Tibetan, Yunnan is the most varied of China's provinces and is one of the most alluring destinations in the entire country. It is also the sixth-largest province and home to a third of China's ethnic minorities (nearly 50%). There are 55 minorities in China, 25 of them live in Yunnan and the province also boasts half of China's plant and animal species. Yunnan is also well known for its year-round mild climate and the word Yunnan actually means South of the Clouds. There are numerous excellent areas for bird watching in Yunnan.
China Highlight Bird Photo Tour
Duration:15 days
Best season:from Nov to April
Birding in Gaoligong and Yingjiang
Duration:8 days
Best season:November to April
Yunnan Classic Birdwatching Tour
Duration:19 days
Best season:March
Gaoligongshan birdwatching tour
Duration:10 days
Best season:March-April
Dali and Gaoligongshan birdwatching tour
Duration:13 days
Best season:March-April
Yunnan Tropic birds tour
Duration:22 days
Best season:March to May