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Sichuan lies at the eastern edge of the Tibetan Plateau and this superb province has the richest concentration of Chinese specialities, holding around two-thirds of the country's endemic birds! Not only does Sichuan offer the best opportunities for seeing China's prime specialities, but due to the great diversity of its habitats, ranging from the subtropical lowlands of the Red Basin and rich evergreen foothill forests to cool temperate zone forests, alpine meadows and dramatic snow-capped mountain peaks, the province has a remarkable wealth of birds in general. Even then there is more to Sichuan, for beyond these rocky ramparts lie the vast grasslands of the eastern edge of the Tibetan Plateau. A total of about 1,300 bird species have been recorded in China, and over 600 of theses have been recorded in Sichuan. There is also a high number of bird species at least 60 unique to China, 25 of theses species are more or less confined to Sichuan. It is theses rare birds, particularly the gorgeous pheasants, as well as many more widespread species, which the World's birdwatchers are literally queuing up to look for. Without a doubt Sichuan is the very best of China. Many of the World's more beautiful flowers can also be seen in Suchuan, especially rhododendrons, Viburnums, roses, primulas, anemones, gentians, arisamas and orchids. The forests, which include subtropical lowland, broadleaf evergreen and temperate zones, are contained of an extraordinary Varity of tree species. Flower-filled alpine meadows below snow-capped peaks complete what is a botanist's dream.
China Highlight Bird Photo Tour
Duration:15 days
Best season:from Nov to April
Classic Sichuan to Edge of Tibetan Plateau Birding Tour
Duration:14 days
Best season:April to May
Yangxian Bird Photography Tour
Duration:4 days
Best season:Oct to May
Wawushan and Wolong birdwatching tour
Duration:9 days
Best season:April to August
Wawushan birdwatching tour in Sichuan
Duration:5 days
Best season:from April to August
Wolong and Balangshan Birding Tour in Sichuan
Duration:4 days
Best season:from April to August
Sichuan and Shanxi for birds and pandas tour
Duration:18 days
Best season:from April to June
birdwatching Tour for Crested Ibis and Warrior Terracotta
Destination:Xi'an-Yangxian NR-Foping NR-Xi'an
Duration:7 days
Best season:April to June
Emeishan Trecking Birding tour
Destination:Chengdu-Emeishan trecking-Chengdu
Duration:8 days
Best season:frome April to August
Emeishan and Wawushan Areas birding tour
Duration:13 days
Best season:from April to August
Sichuan Plain to edge of Tibetan Plateau Birding tour
Duration:14 days
Best season:from April to August
21days Sichuan, Qinghai, Tibet Birdwatching tour
Destination:Sichuan-Wolong-Balangshan-Qinghai Lake-Nangqian-Lasha
Duration:21 days
Best season:May to August